Clartan Associés is present in Germany via its branch in Bonn.

Since 2011 Clartan Associés has a base in Germany

The German professional investors market offers a very strong development potential for the distinctive fund management offering of Clartan Associés. A branch was therefore set up in October 2011, with and an office in Bonn run by a German management, in order to establish direct and in depth contact with the clients. The BAFIN approved this entity in March 2012.

Germany is a very decentralized country. Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin are all large-scale urban centers. The Cologne/Bonn is in an ideal position for accessing Germany's major cities and meeting clients, at group presentations or for individual private meetings.


How to subscribe in Germany

If you are an investor:

  •  an individual investor: via your bank, your life insurance broker or your on-line broker
  •  a professional investor (broker, Independent Financial Advisor, Family Office, private bank, independent manager, institutional): via the fund platforms in Germany and Luxemburg or via your deposit bank.


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All of the regulatory and commercial documentation is available in German and French.





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Apart from the fact that this base gives access to a large pool of savings, it provides the company with many contacts with a view to investment in first rate companies.


Switzerland is one of the main international markets for wealth management, with a share of around 25% of the world market.