European coverage


Registered office for the Clartan SICAV and distribution country.

Luxembourg is the European centre for the administration and distribution of international investment funds.

The financial market offers high standards of service in the most common European languages, for both B2B and B2C services, which is advantageous for our international clients at all levels.

The processing of buy and sell orders within funds and the international distribution of all categories of shares in our SICAV are in highly professional hands. 

Why a Luxembourg SICAV?

The Luxembourg financial market is the heart of the euro zone for the registration and administration of investment funds: it derives its reputation from its strong culture of investor protection, in turn based on its considerable political, regulatory and social stability.

Holders of shares in a SICAV thus benefit from the best international standards for the activities of custodian banks, achieved thanks to the specialisation in this area of the local financial services industry.