Delegated management

Create a partnership that will give you access to more than 35 years of expertise.

Our offer

A service offered to manage the capital entrusted by your clients, delegated management is suitable for our financial adviser and Family Office partners and is carried out through a selection of in-house or external funds.

This solution takes the form of a tripartite relationship between:

  • The partner;
  • The final client;
  • Clartan Associés.

The solution is offered through traditional instruments:

  • Life assurance contracts ;
  • Luxembourg-registered Internal Dedicated Funds (IDF) ;
  • Bank accounts.

A partnership approach

This collaboration is built on a jointly-defined specification, which defines an investment strategy adapted to your client’s investment goals.

The partnership includes the supply of regular information on portfolio management and direct access to a financial manager, with regular updates for your client. 


We are at your disposal if you want to ask us a question or find out more about our solutions.