Reliability of our capital management is ensured in the long term by a field approach, the strict application of our know-how and the fact that its implementation is collegial.


Originally devoted solely to investment management for private clients, Clartan Associés has built long-lasting, trusting relationships.

Each investment manager ensures:

  • the commercial relationship, in direct contact with his or her clients;
  • a contribution to the implementation of the management approach;
  • functional responsibility within the company.

Each client, whether an individual or institutional investor, enjoys the services of a dedicated administrative team.



The management of the capital entrusted to us is based on a long-term process of getting to know companies and their people.

  • In the area of stock selection, we meet more than 150 companies each year, or nearly one a day. These meetings are with management teams, but also others involved in the value chain: clients, suppliers and competitors. Our expertise dates back to 1986.
  • For fund selection, we cross-check our in-house analyses of performance and risk against those of external managers. Our expertise here dates back to 2000.


A collegiate approach

The collegiate approach is based on attachment to shared vision and values.

  • Functions are grouped into divisions bringing together partners and employees to ensure that everyone is involved in decision-making. This model is based on individual talents and encourages their development.
  • The investment of managers in the company’s capital, and performance-related payments to employees, ensure their long term commitment. This ensures that their interests are aligned with those of their clients over the long term.