Thibault du Pavillon

Partner, Fund manager
Joined Clartan Associés in 1999

A six month work placement at the end of my ESTP engineer training was an early opportunity to get to know this “shop”, as the Anglo-Saxons say. The company had only five members of staff at the time, was managing 20 million Euros and they used the Minitel to consult the prices! The human scale of the company, its reactivity, team spirit, a long-term view of client service and the entrepreneurial project really did win me over.

So I went back to Clartan Associés, after two years auditing at KPMG, in 1999; from certification to analysis of accounts, with in-depth studies of companies and an understanding of their DNA. A vast and lively universe of investment has been opened up to me. My taste for investigative work is today still as strong as ever.

I have not looked back since that time, still with the same values and the same prioritisation on the interests of the client; the shares being managed exceed the billion Euros, and Clartan Associés is more than 30 persons.
Training: ESTP (Special School for Public Works)
Languages: French, English, Spanish