Elizabeth de Saint Leger

Fund manager
Joined Clartan Associés in 2011

I worked for the BNP Paribas group for fifteen years before joining Clartan Associés in 2011. At each step of my career I have looked, as far as possible, for a supportive human environment, membership of a team that I respect and activities that combine analysis and contacts. My arrival at Clartan Associés has an extra dimension in that I am asked to fit in with a rather special form of organisation, with a degree of rigour and professionalism corresponding to the responsibilities of capital management for third parties, and a philosophy of sustained service that entails a long-term view. My training as an engineer and my professional experience in management control and looking after the clients of large multinational companies means that I am able to contribute to financial analysis and relations with our professional and institutional clients. Finally, I like to think that my British nationality adds a certain exotic island touch.

Training: Ecole Centrale Paris / MSc Econometrics Cambridge University / Collège des Ingénieurs

Languages: French, English, Spanish