Delphine Sellier

Corporate Secretariat
Joined Clartan Associés in 2013

After studying literature, and having gained a degree in English Language, Literature and Culture, I realised that a sense of service was very important to me. I began my career in the hotel industry, where customer satisfaction, flexibility, teamwork and foresight were all essential. Enthused by these five years of customer service, I have found the same pleasure in my work since joining Clartan Associés. I am mainly responsible for managing the physical and telephonic welcome extended to our clients and other visitors and organising a number of company events. I also enjoy helping the private management team with the management of their files. I have been particularly impressed by the focus of attention on our clients, the independence I enjoy and the caring and friendly relationship between staff. Clartan Associés is a company that bases its business culture on values that I hold dear and that I am pleased to share.

Education: Licence LLCE English (Paris IV La Sorbonne)

Languages: French, English, German