The funds

The Rouvier SICAV contains several compartments:

  • Rouvier Patrimoine: created in 1991, this diversified fund, predominantly invested in bonds, is intended for investors favouring investments that are shielded from equity market fluctuations. Its aim is to generate returns above those of 2-year to 3-year euro zone government bonds whilst ensuring low volatility (approximately 3% since launch).
  • Rouvier Evolution: launched in 2012, this fund seeks to generate, over a time-frame of at least five years, a better risk / return profile than that of the main global indices.
  • Rouvier Valeurs: created in 1991, its aim is to generate positive absolute performance over the long term (minimum of 5 years), whether by capturing company earnings growth or benefiting from a market rerating of securities.
  • Rouvier Europe: created in 2003, this PEA-eligible fund is exclusively invested in European equities. Its aim is to produce, over the long term, an average annual performance that is greater than that of European equities.