Marc de Roüalle

Chief Operating Officer - Partner, Fundmanager
Joined Clartan Associés in 1988

My professional career started in 1982 in an auditing firm called SEEC. I was entrusted with auditing (audit office) in the subsidiaries of major groups but mostly with small and medium-sized businesses. I joined Rouvier Associés in 1988 to be part of a small team of three. From the beginning I took administrative and financial responsibility for the company. I am also one of its representatives (deputy managing director) and it is in this role that I have exercised the functions of RCCI (Senior Manager for Compliance and Internal Control) since 2006. Aside from these diverse responsibilities, my work for Clartan Associés remains principally oriented toward the sphere of financial management: collegial management of the Rouvier mutual funds and manager of part of the clientele under management authority.