Guillaume Brisset

Partner, Fund manager
Joined Clartan Associés in 2006

After starting in fundamental financial analysis for investors, working with Professor Bertrand Jacquillat at the firm Associés en Finance, I was recruited as an investor by the Allianz group. I soon realised that the constraints involved with this type of structure were not compatible with my own vision of investment. By way of contrast, at Clartan Associés I found a client oriented basic management culture and a continuous searching for product excellence. What is more, I also found that there is a real entrepreneurial spirit at the company, which is still being nurtured, and a company culture where the development of the company and the person go hand in hand.

Training: ESCP Europe / Diplom-Kaufmann (Technische Universität Berlin) / Training centre of the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts)

Languages: French, English, German