Francesco Manfredini

Analyst, Fund manager
Joined Clartan Associés in 2020

After a multidisciplinary study path in classics, economics and finance (at Bocconi University and SciencesPo Paris), I joined Clartan Associés as an analyst in September 2020. My duties, at Clartan Associés, include the analysis and valuation of listed companies, through the search of new investment ideas and the monitoring of the companies already included in our investment universe.

Since my very first day as an intern in 2018, I have been impressed by the human and professional quality of all the team members, as well as by the richness of the investment process, in its unique mix of entrepreneurial smartness and strict discipline. All this is reflected in the way investment and valuation choices are taken: a totally collective approach whose aim is not to flatten individual ideas but rather to find a synthesis of apparently antithetical opinions and visions of the world through a truly dialectic – and even symphonic – process. To me, this represents the most unique feature of Clartan Associés and one of its main strengths.


Training: Bocconi University – SciencesPo Paris

Languages: French, English, Italian