Rouvier Patrimoine

Our management strategy concentrates on one investment style, implemented in our mutual funds.

Since inception in 1991, Rouvier Patrimoine is designed to shelter investors’ savings from equity market fluctuations. It seeks to achieve an average annual performance in a 3%-6% range over an investment horizon of two yars or more. 

With an average performance of circa 5.50% p.a. after costs and a volatility of only 3% since inception, Rouvier Patrimoine fulfills the needs of many investors who cannot cope with market volatility. Since 2010 institutional investors are allowed to invest in Rouvier Patrimoine.

The investment know how and collegial process of Rouvier Associés is reflected in all four funds strategies.

Rouvier Patrimoine compared to its peergroup EUR Cautious Allocation since 31/12/1991. Past perfomance is no indication or guarantee of future performance. Source: Rouvier Associés / Morningstar©