The investment decision is the result of a four-stage process of reflection.

1st stage – Identify objectives

Investing our clients' assets in an appropriate way consists firstly of determining with them the purpose of these savings:

  • generating income straight away
  • providing additional funds for future retirement
  • protecting a partner in the event of death
  • transmitting capital to the next generation
  • building up savings to help acquire a property asset or other purchase


2nd stage – Develop a strategy

Once the objectives have been identified, strategy is based on the allocation of assets to two categories of fund:

  • Predominantly equity funds

Investment horizon: one can only reasonably expect an annual return from equities of between 8% and 10% if the investment period is at least 5, and preferably 10 years.
A choice can be made between the funds managed by Clartan Associés (Rouvier Valeurs, Rouvier Europe, Rouvier Evolution) and a selection of external funds.

  • Predominantly bond funds

Less volatile in the short term, these investments help meet requirements for income or other withdrawals in the next five years.
A choice can be made between the Rouvier Patrimoine fund, managed by Clartan Associés, and a selection of external funds.
Thus the capital entrusted to us by our clients is allocated as a function of their investment horizons. The longer the investment period, the greater the element invested in predominantly equity funds; conversely, shorter investment periods (less than 5 years) will result in a predominance of fixed-income investments.

3rd stage – Taking tax into account

According to our clients’ financial position and objectives we recommend a variety of investment supports:

  • securities accounts (France or Luxembourg)
  • Plan d’Epargne en Actions equity savings accounts (France only)
  • French or Luxembourg life assurance contracts

4th stage – Present a simulation of the strategy

For each of our clients, we present a report simulating the long-term performance of their investment. This includes a chart consisting of three lines, representing three different scenarios: negative, medium and optimistic. This outlines the space in which there is every chance that the client’s portfolio performance will lie. The role of Clartan Associés consists of endeavouring to ensure that their clients’ capital follows the upper line.



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